Our name represents the interaction between natural yeast and the air that starts the fermentation process. These bacteria “cultures” are the organisms that make sourdough. 

Baking is in Chef Chris’ blood and he’s excited to continue the family tradition as he opens this modern bakery focusing on artisan style bread, pastries and from scratch sandwiches.




High quality ingredients, awesome bread and a team obsessed with making some of the best sandwiches you've ever had!



After travels through Europe and Canada, Chef/Owner Chris Viaud was inspired by the artisan products he experienced at local bakeries which led to the concept creation behind Culture. 

Since opening in August 2020, Culture has quickly become a local favorite for sourcing fresh baked breads, house made pastries, artisan sandwiches and catering services. We are a from scratch kitchen who pride ourselves on supporting the local community through various farms and vendors in the area.



When you use real ingredients, you're able to give your community the experience of REAL food.

Bread is the core of our production. We use natural fermentation methods to build great vehicles for our sandwiches. We also produce from-scratch pastries, homemade soups with house-made stocks, and of course, with awesome bread follows awesome sandwiches. 

Partnering with local farms allows us to source high quality products while keeping our money in the local community. It’s a win for everyone.


Culture is the real deal. If you're a sandwich lover like me then I promise you this place will not disappoint. I've tried many of their sandwiches on the menu and everything is fantastic with amazingly fresh ingredients. The V.O. has become my favorite, go-to sandwich but honestly you can't go wrong with anything here. Their bread is also incredible - I've picked up fresh loaves of bread on several occasions to make my own stuff at home with. And the pastries and sweet treats - god, the cinnamon rolls and the cocoa bombs! - are awesome too. Chris and Emilee have truly built something great here that I hope stays for a long time to come!



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